Kintsugi (full program) workshop for bartenders Kintsugi 4 April -13:00-15:00.

Kintsugi (full program) workshop for bartenders Kintsugi 4 April -13:00-15:00.

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During the month April  2022 there will be additional individual 'kintsugi' workshops to get familiar with broken ceramics as an expression of the art of imperfection and to experience how satisfactying it can be to repair.

The 15th century Japanese kintsugi technique shows how to repair cracked or broken pottery with gold leaf.
And by doing so deliberately highlighting each break instead of camouflaging it.
This fits perfectly with trends of today like imperfect design,eco and craft.

The beauty of imperfection, according to the (also) Japanese wabi sabi philosophy is the starting point of our workshops.
During the workshop we will get familiar with this Japanese techniques but also with crossovers based on old Dutch craftsmanship. 
And in order to give you the whole picture  I will also introduce you to the tools and techniques as used in the traditionally thriving handicraft culture of Eastern Europe.

We start workshops:

for beginners in groups  of max 4 and participants per workshop.

How it works:
After an introduction and a relaxation exercise, we throw a plate to pieces! We use the shards to compose a new plate and put the shards together with a special glue.

Getting the feeling to be fully concentrated during the course as well as developing your motor skills is an added value in the process and can be of use in many situations in your daily life by giving you more insight in how to tackle all kind of problems.

It's the experiece of letting go and starting over.
Of healing wounds and give meaning to scars.

The location of the workshops is in the heart of Amsterdam, just behind Dam Square.
Paleisstraat 107

Price is 45 euro duration 2 hour

Any questions?
Send us an email 

The only thing you’ll need to participate is a damaged plate or a plate worth to use for the occasion!

(and don't worry... we have some extra plates available-;)