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Experience the ultimate relief from motion sickness 
with the JN100MotionSickness NFT.
Powerfully formulated with flower power,
this innovative product provides unparalleled protection
against dizziness and nausea.
Take the plunge and reward yourself with the anti-motion protection
you need for your next adventure!

This is a generated text with artificial intelligence.

I use as many craft materials as possible that I can find here locally. For example, I work exclusively on antique Italian linen that is available here at antique markets. I love textiles and recycling them, as can be seen in this work. My background as a fashion designer and repair artist is also reflected in this.

For me the interaction between my abstract work and how it is viewed is most fascinating.
People look at it from their own experience and background.
In this way, abstract work says more about the person looking at it than about the artist who made it.
And, as a result, the meaning and interpretation of color and form bring the maker and the viewer together in an almost mystical encounter.