Covid -19

Since orders from bartenders and beverage labels for outfits and aprons collapsed due to the the corona-crisis I joyfully do more with bags right now.
I fully understand that ordering aprons is not a priority right now for people struggling to keep their bar of restaurant in business.
So I say to everyone working in the hospitaly industry : the best of luck to you all and #staysafe!
And for the diehards who still want to order right now with an eye on a brighter future that will come : I offer now extra discount and special arrangements for payment.
The bags that are available right now here are solid with the practical suitability as a leading factor.
Materials are mostly #savedmaterials from the apron production and from suppliers and long forgotten supplies that suddenly  appear during cleaning up my atelier.
I used the famous Magritte phrase  " c'est ce n'est pas ..."   (' this is not.." ) as my comment on the hysterical overproduction and emptiness of (most of) today's fashion industry.
And yes I use some of the logo's of some fashion iconic labels for this comment which I consider my artistic freedom.
Some people think it might be on the verge of plagiarism and fake and if so than so be it, I like to stretch the limits and that's what companies and individuals I work for always ask me to do: out of the box design.
And if there are still some among you who disagree please check again the wellknow labels like Vivian Westwood, Gucci or Chanel and note how their logos are inspired by Harris Tweed, Chanel and  Chateau de Crémant...
For those who want to read more on this subject please send us an email.