Anthroposophical dolls 2020

In developing our range of anthroposophical dolls we have the ambition to add some extra values to the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner.

To keep in tune with modern times we like the dolls to be gender neutral and without any reference to skin colour or any ethnic, social or religious background.

We just like to give any child a friend to feel comfortable with.


A child with a clear conscience and a basic feeling of safety will be more balanced in daily life and able to share this feelings with others in their adult life.

To be playful is a great foundation for this, as Rudolf Steiner had told us.

Are we able to get this still done in a turbulent period like now?


In our collection denim skin and dessin skin we are experimenting with gender and ethnic neutrality.

Just to support our overall vision that we all need to play more – children as well as adults.