Matching Apron & Face Masks the ones with "Cocktail Gear"
Matching Apron & Face Masks the ones with "Cocktail Gear"
Matching Apron & Face Masks the ones with "Cocktail Gear"

Matching Apron & Face Masks the ones with "Cocktail Gear"

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  • Apron:

    Awareness :

    The apron has a pocket on the frontside in leather. Stiches and with studs in copper color.

    Material :  100% cotton which is ideal for use in bars and restaurants.

    Length : 65 cm

    Width: 45 cm

    Weight: 325 grams


    Simple with halterneck closure.

    Closure :

    made of 100 percent cowhide and can be removed for washing.  This garantees practical use and tough looks in one.


    Accessories :

    In vintage metal combined

    (Free)  Mask

    These face mask collection is exclusively designed for professional bartenders in the hospitality branche and therefore comply with the highest safety, quality and sustainability standards.

    Here the specs:
    The outside fabric is made of U-Circular Athleisure. This fabric is made from recycled polyester, has an antibacterial coating and is quick-dry with UPF 50. The inside layer is made of our soft U-Circular Peach jersey recycled polyester, making the mouth mask super comfortable to wear and breathable.

    Please note: this is not a surgical mask used by medical staff, it is a mask that protects according the RIVM guidelines.

    Extra plus:
    An exceptional quality in:
    1. design    an aerodynamic shape adapts to the contours of the face to secure safety.
    2. user-friendly    easy to wear and simple to attach.
    3. antibacterial    the fabric as used is antibacterial and therefore extra protective.
    4. customized    we are able to style the design into a stretched fabric and customize it with a logo or repeating pattern.

    Our masks and aprons can be customized to a compatible set to guarentee a safe and spot on outfit for as long as corona rules.
    Check the special offer and get your mask for free now with each purchased apron.

    Please note : our masks are machine washable (preferably on 60 °) and dry quickly.